Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

windy and warm

Today is windy and i want to give Freja a warm look before she goes out.

With a brown gown (i forget who designs it), and big leather belt from Twist&Tango. Is this an autumn look? I myself don't really know
I don't really like the gown's shape so i want to cover it with pants. i look for harem pants but don't find it. So i choose these blue pants by Kari Traa which look a bit like harem and are surely warm.
Actually the pants can be longer but i want to show the black socks, which perfectly fit the boots from Acne. The strings and dark brown colour remind me to a horse-riding princess
To make Freja look like a princess I added some necklaces. I need natural elements so i choose stone necklaces (or necklaces that look like stones)
Finally, a hat from Marc O Polo and spidey bracelet with blue stone to match the harem pants
Ready to go!

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