Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

the times they are a-changin'

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the night sky. music from an acoustic band. lampions. people laughing and talking about something i don't understand.
so far from my imagination of having birthday with my close friends and a self-made cake in a place that feels like home. i feel like being in a sinetron (TV series). a thought on my mind tells me that if the birthday one only invites close people, i won't be able to eat steaks, once-at-a-time foods. i don't know if it's bad.

but the world i know to be simple, in fact hides glamour. seeing LBD and heels in my favourite fashion blogs is okay, but when i have to see people around me in them, i have to admit that i'm surprised. they seem so far from me, people i can't reach though i'm beside them. and suddenly i'm in the middle of all these. so, everything does change... and it makes me a little sad.

where are my little friends? who am i now?

well, everyone is the same. they live their own lives, have their own journeys. it's a little sad, but that's the way it is--rurouni kenshin

just be easy-going! :D

many things have happened, and still there are lots to learn (from my sister's paper)

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