Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

early morning blue, sweets in the afternoon

today's morning was rather blue. my sister bibil wept because
she felt like not appreciated by the teachers. she wept not for herself but for our class 'bahasa', the language program.
the incident was like this... the senpais had a try-out for english. there was a mistake and the marks went out bad. the teacher didn't seem to want to correct it, and another teacher praised only the other programs.
it reminded me to a say
if you find yourself in the majority, it's time for you to stop and contemplate
look, being in the minority reminds us to be down-to-earth, to understand what it's like when facing others who are minor too.
be 'happy' if people don't really appreciate you. that makes your struggle worthier. 
and When Life Gives You Lemons, don't give up easily and quickly. you don't want to let the lemons break your life, right?

part two. my brother has just been back from Dubai and he bought us some sweets. why do people buy chocolate when they go abroad? simply, everyone loves chocolate.
i drew the sweets. actually i wanted to draw them in tables, like in the past when a chocolatier made some new sweets from his experiments and gave children in a school the sweets and asked them to write their comments about the sweets in a table.
but i forgot :D

Nah. my dad ate the Boneta chocolate, it's a bar with peanuts and rice crispies. since i don't have the access to share the chocolate, can you predict the taste? :P kidding.
my brother got the Delight chocolate, the smallest one. he said it had kind of white cream inside. and when i asked him to describe the taste he said: IT TASTED LIKE CHOCOLATE. thank you very much.
i picked Sorini with the pink wrap (i felt like pinky at the time) and it was got hard chocolate shell outside and melting chocolate with crispies inside. i thought the filling was strawberry cream :9

i don't remember when but my friend brought me a chocolate. she said it was from arabian but then she said you could buy such chocolate in tanah abang, jakarta. she told me people who went umra bought the chocolate in tanah abang first, so they wouldn't have to think of what they would carry home when going umra.
the chocolate contained much sugar.

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  1. Beautiful art! Did you draw that yourself?
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    1. Thanks! :) sure, i like drawing. It's kind of escape

      I've checked your blog, and wow! You're got your own boutique. I so dream of having my own boutique... How did you start it?