Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

sangatsu kokonoka

In the middle of this drifting season 
i suddenly feel the length of the days 
in the midst of these quickly-passing days 
you and i dream away

i have to admit that days pass very quickly, and i miss the past. but today is a gift

with my feelings on the march wind the cherry blossom buds continue on into spring

no. with my feelings on the weird rain. it doesn't usually rain in march they say

the overflowing drops of light
one by one warm the morning 

beside you, i'm a little embarrassed 
after a huge yawn

but then i see i don't need to be embarrassed. you just say with your usual patient voice, "have your mouth covered with your hand when yawning"

i'm standing at the door to a new world 
what i've realized is that i'm not alone

you said you were beside me

if i close my eyes 
you're behind my eyelids 
how strong has that made me?

I hope i'm the same for you

i do hope

the dusty whirlwind 
tangled up the laundry, but 
the white moon in the morning sky 
was so beautiful, i couldn't look away

the rain, againmade us hang our jacket in the window to prevent wind from whirling in, butthe hot coffee and the soup you broughtwarmed up my heart

there are things that don't go the way i planned   
but if i look up to the sky, even they seem small

yes, things don't always go the way i planned but they are beautiful anyway, in their way

the blue sky is cold and clear 
the fluffy clouds float by quietly 
if i can share with you the joy 
of waiting for the flowers to bloom, i'll be happy

the sky is greyand the wind is coldif i can share with you the happynessof listening to the rain's rhythm, i'll be smiling

from now on, i want you to be quietly smiling beside me

keep smiling ^_^

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