Senin, 26 Maret 2012

i just turned my head

today i saw a woman in black clothes and a black cloth covering her face. i knew she was there, and that was enough, but i just couldn't stop myself from turning my head. 
some people say, don't see the differences. if you see differences in people, just ignore them because it's impolite to see them all the time. but that's what makes you turn your head. differences. that's a way to win. the judges prevented Casey Abrams from being eliminated because he was got the typical "rrrmmmhh" and he arranged and sang songs greatly.


he was different. 

Hatsumomo envied Sayuri because of her deep, blue eyes that symbolized water and rain, and also were not common for Japanese people at the time. beauty in depth.


she was different.

today i just turned my head, that was all. i didn't see the differences as a problem then. what i thought after that were 'Oh' and 'i'll write about this in my blog". and as you all know, i'm really sure, differences are not bad depending on everything :)

NB when you participate in a competition, or anything, try to find what's common and then do something or look different. poisonous bugs have bright colours to say, I'M POISONOUS!

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