Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

to prove wrong

my friends said i'd always choose contrasting colours.
i tried to prove them wrong ;)

i found this beautiful skirt with its grey and lilac colours, which i can consider a "for grown-ups" look after reading a fashion comic, Rainbow Miracle by Kanaki Shiori. makes you look graceful and all.

i decided to team it with a blouse from Marimekko because the blouse was also greyish and lilac-ish, so people would see them as a unity. black collar looks pretty with them eh? and to add the same colour i chose black shiny shoes with straps and heels, and grape socks that match to the tops.

silvery bracelet, finally, to make Freja a diva.

P.S. the collar is from Looklet AND i couldn't find who designed the skirt (i forgot) and am too tired to search further AND!! the bracelet is from Rita Saardi :)

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