Senin, 16 April 2012



sunday morning i went out with my friend and drove my barbie pink camper to the side of the lake to have a picnic. anything from barbie is so detailed and realistic, while polly's is cuter and full of imagination. i like them in different ways

for this picnic i took...

while my friend took...

along the journey we sang this picnic song we heard from a tv program

a note of this song is missing from my BABY piano

after arrival, we started to play with the camper

picnic sandwiches three ways

brush some ketchup over the bread. add canned tuna. bake until bread turns golden brown

slice a tomato. place over a slice of bread, sprinkle with sugar, top with another slice of bread. i don't bake this because i like fresh tomatoes

i read in an enid blyton's book that people spread butter and honey together over their bread. the last time i got bread i tried it. the combination of butter and honey was surprising. the butter gave fresh taste while the honey made warm