Minggu, 18 Maret 2012


today we made steamboat. we used some mushrooms. we couldn't get the fresh ones so we bought  a bag of dried ones. we had to soak them in the water until they got bigger and tender

the fairies came and considered the mushrooms nice boats and had a talk

but the giants had come to cook the boats and ruined everything... RUN!!


not all of the ingredients are here

boil these ingredients together...
1 litre water
3 cubes Maggi (or less or more, depending on what you like)


salt to taste
sugar to taste
pepper to taste
1 tsp sesame oil

when you are to eat, just throw what you want into the broth and wait until they're cooked well...
the hard ones first like carrots, make sure they're cut into bite-sized sticks because when some people are kinda lazy to eat vegetables the bite-size helps much. but the broth makes em so delicious you'll be surprised!
meatballs AND/OR
chikuwa (japanese fish meatballs that look like pipes) AND/OR
sausages AND/OR
mushrooms (i love mushrooms)

don't be glued to the recipe ;) just throw what you want

guten Appetit! 
bon appetit!

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