Selasa, 11 Desember 2012


Saya gelagapan ketika soal mendadak dibagikan. Setiap hari Selasa saya bolos pelajaran bahasa Inggris untuk mengikuti kelas bahasa Jerman, jadi jelas ini salah satu kerugiannya: saya tidak dapat infonya. Tema: Amerika. Untunglah saya cuma disuruh mengerjakan esainya \:D/ .... itu pun sulit kalau pembuluh otak sudah menyempit (eh). Baca soal: tulis esai dengan mengembangkan salah satu dari lima topik di bawah.

Topik pertama, na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na (lupa).

Topik kedua, lupa.

Topik ketiga, lupa. Isinya lupa terus. Makin membuktikan teori penyempitan pembuluh otak.

Topik keempat, pidato Martin Luther soal "ebony and ivory sitting together on the table of brotherhood". Good. Hm.


Esai dari pengembangan topik kelima:

bahasa Inggris yah, selain kedengaran keren, males nerjemahkan.

The man beside me waved his hind right in front of my nose and I blinked. "Hello, what would you like to choose? It is already fifteen minutes and there are a lot of people in the waiting room." I was at the end of my thinking capacity. I would like to experience something that would boil my blood and make me shout the freedom out of my heart....

"USA, please. Time of slavery."

He seemed a little bit surprised to my choice, but instead of asking questions I would really like to answer, he pushed the big green button on his working-desk and suddenly I was brought into a tunnel of spirals. I felt like being the fastest runner in the world. I could see Marilyn Monroe in her glorious time, smoke flying high from the bombed Nagasaki, and even Joseph leading Maria and the donkey, all traveled with me. Then I got through a dark hole.

I landed on a place I didn't expect at all: a bus stop. There were two men, talking and smoking and sometimes laughed. I recognized their accent as American. I tried to catch a word from their conversation, but the bus already approached us, making a noise. We went on and at the moment I realized the people couldn't see me. OK, I took the cheap program. More money needed in order to be involved in the game.

All of a sudden the people on the bus started mouth-fighting. I slipped between a fat man and a woman with a housewife-look and the problem got onto my mind: there was only one seat left and beside the seat was a black woman.

"Gimme your seat, you filthy coloured...." O o. Aku tau itu sangat kasar.

The black woman stayed still.

A horrible feeling crept all over my body. "She's dead, she's dead," I whispered, scared, trembling.

The man with the brown cowboy hat, who demanded for the seat, started touching the woman's shoulders, trying to make her stand and move. The people surrounding were supposed to help the woman, but they were on the man's side. They thought he was right.


The man raised his hand high and was about to beat when we heard the characterized siren. Someone had called the police. They tied her hand tight and managed to make her sit in their car. Jailed. But that wasn't the last breath, I knew.

Things went out as expected. I blurred. But my tears were the total opposite of the woman's stiff face behind the metal bars of the room's door, the last scene of my journey as a time travaler. I was back on the magical dentist chair, staring at that beautiful nose.

"Exit door right there. Next, please."

Para ahli bahasa Inggeris tolong betulkan ya! \:D/

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